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5 Easy Steps To Rotten Floor Repair

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If you are a homeowner in Athens, Tn  and you have a rotten floor due to water damage or termite damage please do not worry. We got this. To most homeowners structural repairs seem very intimidating because of cost and complexity. We are experts at replacing water and termite damaged sub-floors, floor joist, sill plates and rim joist. In  most cases, we are MUCH CHEAPER than other companies because we are really good at this.

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Hey I am Rocky with the Handyman Hotline and I know how stressful rotten floors can be. You are afraid to walk on them in fear of falling through the floor.  In fact, as a 28 year veteran of property maintenance and repair we have seen this many times.   The fact that your home or business has rotten floors is bad enough.  But the worst thing about the whole ordeal is the cost that some companies want to charge to fix them. Stressed about the damage? Just wait till you get their bill! Also, not only water but termites cause a whole lot of damage. In fact, termite damage  cost home owners over 2.5 billion last year alone. This is mainly in the south in small towns such as Athens, Sweetwater, Delano, Madisonville, Niota , Etowah  and all of the surrounding areas. Termites love the South. Termites love to eat your Home.

  Rotten Floor Repairs Done Right

While some companies are very good and will do you right others are just way too expensive. The only option they offer is to tear everything out to cost you more money. That is where we come in. The Handyman Hotline has repaired water and termite damage residences in Athens, TN  for years. We have the skill and know how to get your home back in shape with the least possible cost.  In fact,  you can probably do some of the work yourself to save money. So here is a handy to do list:

5 Easy Steps To Rotten Floor Repairs

  1. First and most obvious is to find out what is leaking and fix it. This usually involves plumbing of some sorts. It is also a good ideal to turn off the circuit breakers to the water damaged area. The Handyman Hotline specializes in service plumbing work. We have over 28 years experience and can  respond to your leak the same day you call. The way to tell if it is termite damage is to poke a screwdriver in the joist themselves. Floor joist in good repair do not crumble. Termite damaged sill plates and joist will crumble. Termites eat away at the lumber from the inside out.
  2. The second step after you got the leak fixed is to get up the excessive water. You do this with a wet vac, squeegee and mop and bucket. Not really rocket science here.
  3. The third step is demolition of water damaged area. This consists of removing carpet, pulling up hardwood floors, removing damaged sheet rock, cabinets etc… The reason for all the work is the fact that sitting water or trapped moisture is very bad for the structure of your home and the health of those that live there.  Mold and fungi live on water and cellulose (wood). And with any other biological life form they will increase there population exponentially; thus, leaving your home and family members in a very precarious condition. The only way to eradicate mold and fungi is to dry out the water.
  4. The forth step is drying your home after the demolition is complete. You go about this by placing fans and dehumidifiers in the damaged area. You can rent those at most rental companies. This process usually takes takes about 4 days. This is actually what you can do for yourself and save a ton of money. Just check around and see what  some companies get for doing this.
  5. The fifth and final step is to put it all back. This is the time to restore your damaged hardwood floors, ceilings,  carpets etc. This is usually the most expensive part of the job and takes the longest to complete depending on what had to be removed.

Anatomy of homes foundation and framing Floor anatomy The flooring in homes consist of really two floors. The sub-floor and the finish floor. The sub-floor is part of your home’s structural foundation system. A good sub-floor is made out of 3/4 inch plywood. That is all we will install. The Handyman-Hotline will not and does not install particle board floors or oriented-strand board/OSB. They are no more than left over chips of wood glued together and sold as sub-flooring. The reason most builders use it is because it is a-lot cheaper. The problem is particle board floors can not get wet. Particle board floors fail miserably when they get wet. Termites live in the ground and love homes in Athens, TN. Why? Because of the wet and moist foundations of most homes in the area. Since your home is made primarily of wood framing members, this is a natural food source for them. Termites will climb the foundation walls and infest your sill plates, rim joist, girders and any and everything made of wood. Termite damage is hard to determine because they eat the wood from the inside out. Sorta like what mold does. The problem is getting it all out. While termites may start at the foundation, they can literally eat there way all the way to your roofing members. And termites love the South like where we live in Athens, TN.

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