Mobile Home Skirting

Mobile Home Skirting Basics

Well I am sitting here drinking a cup of coffee and watching it rain. We are loaded up and ready to go install some new Mobile Home Skirting on a single wide mobile home. We have been installing mobile home skirting since 1992 and if installed properly, vinyl skirting will last a lifetime. Most mobile homes do not sit on a permanent foundation, rather the homes rest on blocks and is “tied-down” using metal strips and a anchor that is screwed into the ground. This anchoring system is fairly common and works really well. I have seen some mobile homes that have been set-up for 40 or 50 years and have not moved an inch. The reason for the underpinning or skirting is for a couple of reasons.

  1. Mobile Home Skirting makes the home look better. You can get the skirting in a variety of colors and textures. (Field Rock is my favorite)
  2. Installing skirting keeps the wind from blowing underneath your home and saves money on heating and cooling bills.
  3. Mobile Home Skirting encloses your home and protects it from animals, insects and the weather.
  4. Most building codes require mobile homes to be skirted.

Mobile Home Skirting Kits

The Handyman-Hotline has done over 600 mobile home skirting jobs since 1992. Our normal service area is Athens, TN and the surrounding area such as Etowah, Benton, Madisonville, Sweetwater, Delano, Niota, Englewood, Decatur. While most cities have strict zoning codes for mobile homes, most of the jobs we do are in the county. So we will work McMinn, Polk, Monroe and Meigs counties.

The price to have a 14 by 70 mobile home skirted is around $700-$800 dollars. That includes material and labor. When we first got into the business we could skirt a home for half of that. It seems the prices of everything have gone through the roof. Doublewide mobile homes can cost anywhere from $800-$1200 dollars.

How you determine how much material you might need is easy. You measure 6 points of the home from the ground.  All 4 corners and the middle to determine the average height. Then you measure the overall length and width times 2. This will give you the amount of material you need to order.

Weed-eaters vs Skirting

The only draw back to vinyl mobile home skirting is the use of weed-eaters. A-lot of the work we do is replacing old skirting that has been beat up by weed eaters. So keep in mind that using a weed eater will tear up your new skirting and make your home less attractive.

Please give us a call if you need some mobile home skirting installed.


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