Plumbing Basics- Crawl Space Safety

Plumbing Basics-Crawl Space Safety

If you are going to change out your bathtub or replace a leaking drain or repair a leaking pipe, be prepared for a-lot of work. Installing or repairing the plumbing can be the hardest part of any remodeling project. Why? Well for first the plumbing can not leak and second it is out of the” strike zone”. We do a-lot of plumbing repairs in Athens, TN and the surrounding area. I have found over the years some best practices to observe when having to crawl under a home.

What is the “strike zone”?

This is a term used in baseball when a pitcher throws a ball. If the ball stays over home plate and below the batters shoulders and above the batter knees, then the pitch would be in the strike zone. If it is too high or too low then it is a ball. Basically in remodeling work anything that is easy to get to is in the strike zone. What makes plumbing so hard is usually the plumber ( maybe you) has to crawl under the house and actually repair the pipes-without leaking. This can take all day on some plumbing problems. So here are some things to be aware of when having to do this type of project and crawl under a house.

Crawl Space Best Practices- 11 Tips For Safety

1. Carry a good flashlight and hammer with you at all times under a house. It is very dark and you will need the flashlight to see. The hammer is for protection. Remember you are not the only one that lives in your home. A whole host of critters can find a very safe and happy home in your crawl space.

2. Wear cover all’s, a hoodie, gloves and safety glasses when going under your crawl space. This is for physical protection and you will need it.

3. Be prepared to get wet and nasty.

4. Carry your tools and materials in a bucket or pouch. Do not carry them in your hands.

5. Take your time and do not try to hurry or get yourself in a fizz. You may be under there a while.

6. Always have a helper with you. You can get into real trouble under in a crawl space.

7. If you are claustrophobia don’t go. It can get real scary in some crawl spaces.

8. Be careful to stay flat on your back and do not twist your body. You can throw your back out really fast.

9. Spiders,Scorpions, Crickets, Roaches, Termites, Ants, Wasp and Bees all live under your house also.

10. A old plumber told me that snakes do not live under houses because of the vibration of the floor above. I hope he is right but be very aware of lifting up a rock or block under the house.

11. Do not carry electric power tools under the house. You are really grounded and many people get killed doing this. If you must drill or cut use battery powered tools.

Plumbing is really not that technical or hard to learn. The reason the plumbing profession makes good money is it is really hard work. If you are not in good physical shape or not good at turning wrenches then you will not make a good plumber. The hardest part to plumbing is crawling under houses. If you are in need of a good plumber in Athens, Tn please call us or submit a Quote request. We will be very happy to assist you on your repair or remodeling project.

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